Political Section

The Political Department of the Embassy is headed by the Counsellor – Political Affairs and deals with analysis on major domestic and international affairs of India. This Department takes part in various conferences and events related to Afghanistan and/or the region and briefs the participants on latest political, economic and security developments in Afghanistan or as per the theme of the event.

The Department also briefs counterparts from other embassies on major issues in Afghanistan or as per their queries.


Information and Media Department 

The Information and Media Department of the Embassy is a contact point between the Embassy and Indian and foreign journalists and media outlets in India. The major task of the Information and Media Department is to report on the news stories involving India – Afghanistan relations, India’s internal and international issues as well as news stories related to the four other countries (Sri Lanka, Nepal, The Maldives and Bhutan) to which this Embassy is a Non-Resident Embassy.

The Information and Media Department of the Embassy also organizes press briefings, press conferences and interviews on major issues of interest to the media, by the Ambassador and/or other visiting senior Government officials.

This Department facilitates visa to journalists who visit Afghanistan on an assignment and their requests for interviews with senior Government officials in Afghanistan.

You can send your queries to the below mentioned e-mail account for better understanding:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Consulate Department issues visas, passports, entry permits, marriage certificates, birth certificates, identification certificates, and inheritance certificates. The Consulate Department also provides the extension of passports, the preparation of power of attorney documents, the verification of National Identification (Tazkera) documents, and official coordination with various Afghanistan government agencies, private institutions and individuals regarding immigration, criminal and other legal matters. The Consulate Department explains and simplifies the application process to customers when appropriate.

Applicants for visas and other documentation are given clear instructions, and their questions and concerns are addressed in full. Special attention is given to elderly or impaired applicants to ensure that all necessary documentation is provided with minimum inconvenience to the applicant.